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Hi, I am Usman, an expert in the field of science and exercise, and the head coach at UFIT LLC.

If your goal is to improve your overall health by improving your eating habits, exercising according to your body and need, and off course improving joints mobility, stability and muscular strength,

and that all you can achieve if you have a personal coach who can guide you exercise and nutrition program according to your case study.

I only customize your training and nutrition regimen around things that are fun to do yet effective for your body. 

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Mr Usman helped me change my lifestyle and thought process about exercise and nutrition. I used to think i have to workout so hard and follow extreme diet to achieve my goal, but he make it extremely smooth, his app helped me to workout and follow my training when i travel. i would highly recommend Mr Usman and ufit, to anyone who wants to understand fundamentals of exercise and food intake. also protein plays a huge role in hunger manangment, also helps to preserve and repair muscles. you should contact Mr usman for more information and transform your health and mind. thank you
ali bin makdom makdom
ali bin makdom makdom
proudly sharing my experience about Usman-ufit trainer, i practiced with him for 2 years in dubai and currently i am training with him online through him app, he coached me from basics to advanced moves and exercises with detailed explanation. i would highly recommend his services for those who are serious about their health, and want to achieve long term results with positive mindset, do contact him, he will never let you down.
david kettle
david kettle
I have been training with Usmaan for a month, he is a fantastic trainer and a great conversationalist. Since he's cultivated an incredible amount of knowledge of the human body, he can figure out which muscles are weak and in need of improvement in a few sessions after a case study. He knows how to push you beyond your limits to strenghten those muscles, but only to a degree where you are still getting results—anything beyond that would be useless, as he explained to me. All in all, 10000/10, I highly recommend Usmaan to anyone new to fitness or looking to get back into it.
Caitanya Singh Jaswal
Caitanya Singh Jaswal
I have trained with many personal trainers across Canada, Australia, and Dubai. However, Usman is head and shoulders above the rest. Usman has a strong foundation of both education and experience, which is evident in his approach and his continual coaching. Unlike most trainers, Usman does not solely focus on strength or cardio. He takes a holistic approach across the board - nutrition, weight loss, strength training, mobility enhancement - you name it. I term Usman’s training as lifestyle coaching. He has completely transformed my training and mindset. Most importantly, Usman does not believe in gimmicks or short-term goals. Usman believes in sustainable development, which is enjoyable and can be practised long term. An absolute gem of a person and a trainer.
Mir Ali Khan
Mir Ali Khan
My experience with UFit has been great! Usually as part of any activity, it's important for me to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it and have a clear goal set. Usman was amazing at doing that, explaining the workouts and making sure to adapt and adjust as needed. In general, the idea of a personal trainer used to be someone who's gonna push you too far and that's why I never did it before. On the contrary, Usman was the kind of trainer with the flexibility of adapting to your style. Overall, my goal was to improve my strength and move since I have a very stagnant lifestyle having an office job. I was able to see a quick improvement and flexibility. Thanks Usman 🙂
Farah Madi
Farah Madi
i had training with Mr Usman through his online application, it has been very helpful for me, he zoom me once per week to understand my current behaviour about food and he really helped me to lose 4kg's over the last 1 month which feels amazing. i feel light and very happy with my effort, i am currently 64 and feeling better then when i was 50.
isam al faqas
isam al faqas
I have been training with Usman through zoom sessions and it has been amazing experience. highly recommend.
Azhar Saleem
Azhar Saleem
Hi, My name is Nadiya, i trained with Usman for almost 1 years, I used to train once per week as a personal client and rest he used to make exercise program for me which i can do at my gym. Over the last 1 year it has been amazing in terms of my health, i lost up to 10kg body fat and my views about nutrition are completely changed. I would definitely recommend his online coaching to those who are serious about health and wana train remotely with help of his online coaching.
nadiya yousuf
nadiya yousuf
i signed up for online coaching with usman and loved the way he explained the basics of exercise science and nutrition. Highly recommend his online coaching,
M Hamza Mughal
M Hamza Mughal
I have been traing with Usman and i am very satified with his knowledge and quality of service. He is a very motivating trainer and at the same time very humble friend

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